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Ahlden Gold GmbH in Stuhr also offers the option of pawning your valuable items. We mainly lend against high-quality jewelry and watches, but by agreement also for example against cars and many other articles. You will receive up to 80% of the actual market value.

Speak to us! We will handle your affairs professionally and with the utmost discretion.

To take out a loan against pawned articles, you only need a valuable item which you can pawn and a valid personal ID or passport. The loan will be paid out in cash after a valuation by our trained personnel. We do not require any knowledge of your personal finances, proof of salary or information on your credit rating. This loan will not lead to indebtedness, as you will have secured the loan with your valuable item.

The loan will run for three months, but if needed for longer it can be extended by paying the fees and interest which have accrued. The fees and interest are normally due for payment when the loan is redeemed or extended. There is no minimum term and you can redeem your pawned item at any time during our opening hours.

If you are unable to redeem your pawned item, it will be auctioned and sold to the highest bidder. In accordance with the Pfandleiherverordnung [Ordinance on the Business of Commercial Pawnbrokers] the pawnbroker is entitled to recycle the pawned item one month after payment becomes due.

The item you wish to pawn will be valued by our trained personnel.

Important information about loans against pawned articles

The three-month term of the loan commences on the day on which you hand over your valuable item.

Example: If you hand over your valuable item on 16 April 2020, then the term of your loan against your valuable item ends on 16 July 2020. Therefore until 16 July 2020 you have the possibility of redeeming or extending the loan. Interest and charges will become due for payment. From 17 July 2020 a new month’s lending commences, for which fees will also be payable.

The amount loaned will attract interest at 1% per month. There will also be fees, which are specified by law up to a loan amount of €300. The scale for these is as follows:

Feesup to and including loan amount of
€1.00Up to €15.00
€1.50Up to €30.00
€2.00Up to €50.00
€2.50Up to €10.00
€3.50Up to €150.00
€4.50Up to €200.00
€5.50Up to €250.00
€6.50Up to €300.00

Typical sample calculation for a loan against pawned articles of up to €300.00:

Loan amountMonthly interest 1%Monthly statutory fixed feeCosts/month

For a loan amount of €301. 00 and over the monthly fees are 3%, and for example for cars further charges might be added (insurance, charge for covered storage, etc.).
A sample calculation is as follows:

Loan amountMonthly interest 1%Monthly fees 3%Costs/month

We attach especially great value to security We protect our building with ultramodern defense mechanisms, technologies and security systems which meet even the highest demands. During the storage period your articles will be in the safest of hands in one of our high-security safes. Everything is also insured against fire, water and theft.

We are a member of the Deutscher Pfandkreditverband Nord e.V.

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