Gold coin “8 Florin/ 20 Gulden” Austria re-stamping.

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20 guilders gold coin
face value: 8 florins / 20 francs

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The guilder currency of the 19th century was a silver currency, although ” club crowns ” were also minted in gold between 1858 and 1865 (or 1866). In 1865 France, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland founded the Latin Union, in which the coin issues were to be coordinated in terms of value, size, weight, etc. All coins should be valid within the Union. Although Austria had signed a preliminary treaty with the Latin Union in 1867, the currency ratios required for accession were not achieved. Nevertheless, from 1870 onwards, an 8 guilder piece (= 8 florins or 20 francs) and a 4 guilder piece (= 4 florins or 10 francs) were minted, which represent gold coinsresembled the Union in all data. Both coins were minted until 1892, when the krona currency was introduced in Austria.

The annual circulation number was significantly lower than that of the ducats. The record year of the 4 guilder coin was 1977 with 211,343 pieces and the 8 guilder coin 1968 with 336,719 pieces. In other years there were no or only very few editions.

The former Emperor of Austria Franz Joseph I is depicted on the head. He is also known as “Franzel” or as the husband of Elsabeth (“Sisi”).

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