Gold nugget “The Broken Heart” 79.2g

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It has happened to everyone – a broken heart. This gold nugget was divided when being extracted; it seemed to be a great mistake. But when it was examined more closely, it was realized that this item might be something very special, precisely because of this.
The two pieces can be used to make pendants and offer a partner a unique gift – an absolutely unique item; two halves which can be put together again.

Genuine, naturally occurring (pure) gold nugget. The country of origin is Australia.

Gold nuggets from Australia are renowned for their very high gold content. This is generally 22-23 carat or more. An indication of this is the exceptional gold color. Nuggets are found less often than diamonds!

A gold nugget is a unique one-of-a-kind item and a natural product; you will never find two identical nuggets. Only approximately 3% of the nuggets which are prospected worldwide remain in the form of nuggets; the rest are melted down.

You will receive your natural nugget as shown in the photo. Excellent as a valuable investment and collector’s item! Buy gold at auction in its most beautiful form.

The article in the photo is shown magnified in order to illustrate it better.



A nugget is a lump of gold or platinum which developed naturally. Nuggets occur in placers, and are normally the size of a grain of dust or a seed.
The largest gold nugget to date was found in 1869 in Moliagul, Australia.

The term nugget is used for very high degrees of purity; nuggets found in Australia often have a purity level of 95% – 99%.

Nuggets are caused by the erosion of mineral veins carrying gold. Gold is very stable chemically, so when the surrounding rock or the quartz which often develops together with gold are removed by weathering or by being transported in streams and rivers, the gold does not disintegrate. However, large areas of pure gold from which nuggets might form are very rare, as the gold is usually very finely distributed in the ore. For this reason, the largest proportion of gold deposits created by the weathering of the ores which carry gold consists of fine gold particles.

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Ø 94,6% AU 4,6% AG


61.73 gram und 17.51 gram


(L x W x H) ca. 4.5 x 2 x 1 cm und 3.5 x 1.8 x 0.6


Gold nuggets are excluded from exchange or return.

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