Do you need to make an appointment to have your metal articles melted down? Then please contact us on +49 (0)421 409 80 524.

At Ahlden Gold we are proud of our new modern smelter, which is professionally equipped and was designed especially for recycling precious metals.
Here we can process the articles which you want to melt down quickly, safely and cleanly, whatever their size.

We will save you a lot of time by processing your items promptly, as we will give you your analysis results immediately after the melting process is completed. You can even be present in person during the melting process, so that you can see our service in person for yourself.

We can deal with a large variety of goods to be melted:

Dental gold (including with teeth), gold from jewelry (scrap gold), filings, residues and sweepings, and much more.

Our terms are very fair, both for processing and analyzing your items, as are our purchase prices.
The costs vary as they are dependent on the base material.
Would you like to get to know us and find out about our terms? Then speak to us directly!

Technology and equipment

For smaller items up to 8 kg we have an Indutherm MU700. This is a water-cooled furnace which heats the items to be melted within a very short time by means of induction, and reaches temperatures of up to 1500° Celsius. Alloys of gold, silver, platinum and palladium are also not a problem.

If you want to have a larger item processed, we are also the right company for you. Our ThermConcept TK 500/13K is a large industrial melting furnace which can cope with even the greatest demands. It is a resistance-heated tilting furnace with a capacity of up to 350kg of articles to be melted, which are ready for casting in around 70 minutes. This powerhouse can only be tilted by means of a special hydraulic system.

melting furnace