We buy pewter

On the spot in Stuhr near Bremen.
We offer you the possibility of selling your old pewter on fair terms.

Whether it is pewter plates, pewter tankards, pewter ashtrays, pewter cutleryor pewter cups, you can sell us everything made of pewter; we are also happy to buy batches of a larger quantity.

Collecting pewter articles used to be a popular hobby, but nowadays it is hard to find any collector who wants to pay more than the actual material value for the pewter. You will also not be able to sell your pewter to many gold buyers, as the business is not worth it in small quantities.

However, due to our proximity to the industry we are able to buy your old pewter on fair terms. The old pewter is recycled and thus made available to be reused in various industries – so it even protects the environment.

We buy pewter

How do you recognize pewter?

Like gold and silver, articles made of pewter also have a stamp. This can usually be found on the underside and reveals the pewter content. You will also find the word “pewter” or a percentage figure. For a content of at least 90%, which we can establish by means of an XRF analysis, we pay €6.00/kg. So it is worth digging them out!

Worth knowing

As pewter has a very low melting point of just 232 C°, pewter foundries used to produce an extremely large variety of products in different shapes. Many people made a hobby out of casting pewter, and cast pewter soldiers, pewter ornaments and other articles. These privately produced objects do not usually have a stamp, so XRF analysis is helpful here too.

Please note the following

Postage: To avoid postage costs, it is best to make an appointment with us in Stuhr, and bring us your articles in person. Pewter usually involves larger quantities, which are very heavy and can have quite an impact on the postage costs.

Naturally there is no charge to you when we value your articles and sell them. We will not charge you any melting and/or refining fees.

Are you yourself a buyer or dealer?
Then please contact us for our special dealers’ terms by emailing info@ahlden-gold.de or speaking to us in person. You can contact us by phone on +49 (0) 421 409 80 524.