We buy silver

Fair prices for your silver.
We buy silver: silver jewelry, silver bars, silver coins, junk silver, silver-plated cutlery.

We would be pleased to buy your silver. Pay attention to the small, stamped numbers. The following stamps should be found on authentic items:

  • Silver jewelry is usually stamped 925, in other words 92.5% silver content
  • On cutlery you will find, for example, 800, 830, 835 or 900; stamps such as 80, 90, 100, 120 etc. mean the article is silver-plated (coated in silver), and we can also buy this
  • Silver bars are stamped 999.9. We examine every bar individually, as unfortunately there are also silver-plated copper bars in circulation
  • We also check coins for their authenticity by means of a short examination in our XRF tester


The price of silver fluctuates – like any other material – to a greater or lesser extent We make every effort to maintain our prices at a high and fair level. The prices for silver bars and silver coins are highly dependent on the current trading price. Let us value your silver for you – visit us today in Stuhr near Bremen.

  • • Cutlery with stamps from 80 upwards (90, 100, 120, etc.): €20.00 / kilogram
  • • Miscellaneous silver-plated items with stamps below 80: €9.50 / kilogram
  • • Silver-plated knives with 80 stamp and steel blade: €6 / kilogram
  • • Pewter plates and other pewter articles with at least 90%: €6 / kilogram

We buy silver bars, silver coins and old silver (higher-value jewelry and cutlery) according to the stock market prices on the day. Please contact us for the current purchase price. We will either pay for your articles immediately (cash) or transfer the amount to your bank account. Please remember to bring your official photo ID with you when you visit us.

You are very welcome to try our brand new purchase calculator.

Please note the following

Postage: To avoid postage costs, it is best to make an appointment with us in Stuhr, near Bremen, and bring us your articles in person.

Knife blades are usually made of steel and the handle filled with sand. We have to deduct this weight when buying knives.

When you sell your silver bars and silver coins you will not be reimbursed for the VAT you paid when buying them. You should also not sell your articles (silver bars, silver coins and old silver) within the one-year holding period, otherwise you will have to pay tax at your personal income tax rate on any profit (above the exemption limit of €600).

Please consider the condition of your investment articles:

  • Silver bars and silver coins can have their oxide coating removed, for example with a jewelry cleaning cloth, but this is not necessary when we are buying them
  • Damaged silver bars, silver coins and old silver (cutlery and silver jewelry) come under the category of metals for melting, and are paid for accordingly
  • The form and age of the silver bars and silver coins is unimportant for us, and we always pay the current silver price (no collectors’ values)

Naturally there is no charge to you when we value your articles and sell them.
We will not charge you any melting and/or refining fees.

Are you yourself a buyer or dealer?
Then please contact us for our special dealers’ terms by emailing info@ahlden-gold.deor speaking to us in person. You can contact us by phone on +49 (0)421 409 80 524.